Are you ready to start your crocheted Color Block Coat?

Hi everybody!  I finally have the swatches in this post of the 3 colors I have chosen so far and they are really wonderful up close!  The good news is I think these will be even better than the original yarn choices as all the Caron Charming has been discontinued (bad news)  and I only can get a few skeins of each color.  The new yarns have less stretch and will really hold their shape but will be figure flattering as well and kind of “furry”.  You’ve got to come in and see and pick your colors so we can get the yarn ordered and get you started!  Loretta and I are starting next Tuesday night and everyone else can start whatever Tuesday they like.   If you don’t like these colors, we have a zillion yarn combinations you can swatch up until you have exactly what you want!  Hope to see you soon!  You can post a comment here, call me at 909-584-9715, or come into the store!!!

ydbtnna-pix-017.jpg    ydbtnna-pix-018.jpg

                      Brown and White                                                       Black and White

Fuschia Combo

Are you ready to join our Project?

Hello Ladies,

I will be making swatches in 3 different colorways for this coat this coming week while I am on vacation in Washington State.  You will be able to pick from one of these!  Two of them will be in “Charming” in the black and white (of course!), and one in a creme/brown contrast.  The 3rd choice will be in completely different, very soft yarn, and will be in the purples, very exciting.  Once each of you choose a colorway, and give me an idea of the garment size you would to make, then I can get budgets back to you to purchase the materials, which will be on a prepaid basis. 

I was hoping to keep everyone updated using this blog and hold the class every week on Tuesday evenings from 5 – 7 pm.  If you can’t make the class, you can still participate online.  I would like to start later in January, once everyone has yarn!

Let me know if this timing works for you on Tuesdays or if you just want to participate online.  If we can stick to Tuesday, there will be no charge for the class (or online), just for the supplies.  Otherwise, there will be a $20 per class per person fee. 

The Project:  Crochet with I, J, K (range) hook lots of square color blocks, single crochet them together with a 3rd trim yarn, and voila!  A beautiful soft coat – dress it up, dress it down!  The trick is FIT and GAUGE which is what the 1st couple of classes will be about!  Also, you will be “feeling” alot instead of seeing your stitches!   The primary stitch in order to get the “fabric” we want is the “extended single crochet”.  I hope you’ll join us in this project!  Please post and leave comments!

Your Yarn Leader,