New Fashion Designs from Yarn Designers Boutique

I’ve had the honour again to participate in the Chamber of Commerce’s annual charity fashion show, this time I unveiled four new designs, MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet and Rich Red Linen Sweater, Feza’s Lime Boho Vest, and Louisa Harding’s Bohemian Sweater. Our glamorous models this year were Katy Strand and Pat Holt.
MaggiKnits Charcoal Shawl
MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet
You won’t be bored knitting our MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet with its own matching removable Tartan Cowl.  The red and white accents add crisp definition to a fun knitting pattern.   The main yarn is Maggi’s Irish Tweed wool which is really fast to knit up and very warm.  The shoulders are nicely shaped and this kit comes in several sizes with its own custom made matching buttons included.  Katie has paired this elegant capelet with a readymade grey knit dress and tall boots.  This project is a regularly stocked kit at Yarn Designers Boutique and was knit by Gena Hester.  Maggie has done it again combining a sense of knitting history with a touch of class!

MaggiKnits Rich Red Linen SweaterMaggiKnits Rich Red Linen Sweater
As the Fall chill moves in, you can stay warm with MaggiKnits rich red linen sweater.   Designed by Irish Knitwear Designer Maggie Jackson and knitted by Gena Hester, the tapered front and back compliment every figure. With this lightweight yarn, you can actually wear it on any chilly morning or evening all year long, especially in Big Bear with our cool overnights.  Pat teams our sweater with black knit slacks and tall boots.  The classy tassels are tied on to a purl stitch that is knit into the entire pattern.  With drop shoulders there is very little shaping to this pattern – even an advanced beginner will enjoy knitting this sweater.   The removable collar-scarf can be worn many different ways.  Surprisingly this sweater is machine washable 100% Irish linen and just drip dry!   Dress it down for daytime or up for the evening!   Choose one of MaggiKnits many linen colors from Yarn Designers Boutique in Big Bear City.  If you have problems with any pattern just drop into one of our twice weekly free help sessions.

Feza Lime Boho Vest
The Feza Lime Boho Vest is a fun topping for classic black – dressy or casual.  Feza yarns come from Turkey and are well known for their bright cheery colors and textured thick and thin strands.  Each hank is made from 8 to 10 yarns which have been hand tied together by the women of Turkey every 15 to 18 yards.  This vest was hand knit and designed by Gena Hester who added 2 more complementary yarns throughout as well as the lattice ties on the sides and front closures of the vest for added detail.  The fun ruffled matching scarf dresses up this look.  Since the yarn does all the work, the knitting is very easy to do.  Notice the special way it is constructed along the back neckline – the vest is really only 2 rectangular pieces mysteriously sewn together to create the interesting back neckline.
The perfect complement to our lime vest is our lime cabled a-line skirt designed by Laura Zukaite and knitted by Gena Hester.  Made from Lion Brand 100% organic cotton, this skirt is warm and flatters the figure perfectly with flare shaping.  Many knit skirts can hug the body in the wrong places – but not this one – perfect shaping!  Most of that shaping is provided just by changing needle sizes – it’s a miracle in itself!  Stop by Yarn Designers Boutique to choose your favorite organic cotton color and we’ll help you customize your pattern to fit your figure!
Louisa Harding Romantic Bohemian Sweater
Bohemian ruffles and gathers introduce this fun Fall colored outfit.  The two-tone orange and brown sweater is a Louisa Harding English design and knit by Gena Hester.   The yarn is also Louisa’s “Jasmine” – a cotton blend with just a tiny bit of sparkle to grab your eye.   The ruffles and sleeve shaping add such a detailed romantic touch.  Louisa loves details and even publishes books about how details can make or break a knitwear project.  When Gena found this skirt in her daughter’s clothing toss outs, she knew it was perfect for this developing sweater at the time – what a great combination with your favorite boots!  Yarn Designers Boutique is a store whose purpose is to inspire today’s knit and crochet enthusiasts.  We are located in Bear City on the Boulevard, just across from the airport.  Drop by to see us soon – you’ll be glad you did!

This was the fifth year Yarn Designers Boutique has participated in the Chamber Auxiliary’s annual charity Fashion Show.  Again we enjoyed ourselves so much.  Thank you Katy Strand and Pat Holt for your wonderful and gracious modeling and Lisa Movius for hair and makeup styling.  We’re a great team!  I look forward to next Fall’s show and am already planning my outfits!


Lacy Drop Stitch Scarf

So normally, the last thing you want to do is drop a stitch. Well, with this lacy scarf that’s exactly what you want to do! Dropping a stitch is harder than you may think, it takes awhile to work the stitches out all the way down the scarf. This technique creates a beautiful ladder all the way through the scarf giving the scarf almost a woven look.

This technique can be used for anything from knitted curtains to let a bit of light through. Or to a plain sweater pattern to jazz it up, you can even drop the stitch different lengths down the sweater  to create a design (at the end of the ‘run’ just sew it with matching thread to keep it from running further). To get started with the technique try our latest scarf pattern.


Drop Stitch Sock yarn scarfWhat you will need:

400-500 yards sock weight striping yarn. Sample is 2 skeins Mary Maxim Gemstones color #21 Peridot variegated sock yarn. (Or try Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock Stripes, or Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Yarn for a silky satiny feel.)

Size 6 needles for main scarf, Size 9 for bind off or bind off very loosely.
9 safety pin type stitch markers

Before drop: 6 ½” X 59” After drop: 8 ¼” X 62”

28 stitches = 4” Gauge is not all that important for this project.

Buy this pattern online $5 or get the pattern free when you buy the yarn from us!


Herringbone Ruffled Cowl

I find the Herringbone stitch pretty interesting because it looks more like woven fabric, than knit. Some people would even say it looks crocheted! It’s only a 2 row repeat so it gets easier as you do it.

Yarn:Herringbone Ruffle scarf
Super Bulky weight 80 to 90 yds. I chose Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick 1 skein 87 yds). New color Marble (black accent on white and grey) makes for an interesting repeat pattern for the cowl. You might also try Sandstone which has the creams and grey.

Size 19 US short needles Size 15 US short needles 3 complementary buttons

About 5 Herringbone “V’s” to 4”
Finished size before ruffle: 7” by 25”
Using your favorite method, cast on 20 stitches.

You can wear this with the collar up or down for effect!

Get this pattern for $4 or free when you buy the yarn from us!

Gena’s Summer Beaded Neck Scarf

Beaded Scarf

I have to admit this project happened when a customer brought in her own scarf to show me and get some of my help. I was intrigued enough to learn a new technique while two of us figured it out. Then I went from there.

First I needed to find a durable yarn that could handle many beads being strung on and pushed down the skein as they were knit on without fraying or damaging the yarn. It also needed to be closer to a DK or light weight and be soft for the neck and kind of summery in texture. From my vast selection I picked a new yarn, Elsebeth Lavold’s “Hempathy”. This yarn is made from Hemp, Cotton and Modal. So you ask what is Modal? This is definitely a “Green” yarn as all fibers have been grown! Modal is made from Beech wood chips! Our colors are rich and Susan has brought in a great selection of size 6.0 beads that match our nice yarn colors. You will only need 1 skein of yarn but many beads – I’ll catch you up later on just how many.

Choosing a sturdy yarn

Choosing a sturdy yarn

There are several techniques incorporated in this scarf which make it a nice small project to start with. One of the things that happens when you add beads to a knitted project is that it becomes quite heavy and drapes down rather than floating so I knew this project should be a shorter, small, neck type scarf.

Beads draping down

Beads draping down

Then I thought I could add the keyhole opening so that the scarf would stay in one place. I think this rounds it out nicely. So my first scarf is done and if you watch the video below you can see the basic technique for starting the scarf and continuing to knit on the beads.

Keyhole Opening

Keyhole Opening

This  pattern is now ready for instant download for $5 or it is FREE if you purchase the yarn and beads from us.   Just let me know what your color scheme is  and we’ll match the yarn and beads and ship them out to you with the pattern.  You can call us at 909-584-9715.  This is a fun summer project and could be a wonderful gift for a friend or treat for yourself! Yarning away. Gena


Instantly download this pattern


Feza Project Update

I am so excited about our new shipment of Feza yarn, I decided I really had to get you some information on my blog.  Some of you remember that I let our stock completely sell out last year as I was so overwhelmed with what to choose for my next orders, that I just didn’t reorder.  So when I went to San Diego TNNA Market in January, I knew I must give this line serious consideration as their yarns are so unusual and beautiful.   This year I restocked Alp Premier and Alp Dazzle in many new colors as well as last year’s most popular.  These yarns are bulky weight and dressy with a new strand being tied in every 15 to 18 yards.  Some are bumpy, some are shiny, some are fluffy, and many are ribbons, which gives wonderful color and texture variation.Premier Sweater




This is a sweater in “Alp Premier”




This year I added Alp Oriental which is Super Bulky with 3 strands being tied together each 15 to 18 yards.  It creates a more casual, Bohemian look – I’m finding that I have to keep at least one project going at all times with the Oriental.  My projects so far are a matching crocheted hat and scarf from one ball, a knitted triangle shawl from one ball plus 2 coordinating balls of Lion Brand Fettuccini to lower costs, and now I’m working on Nancy Bocuzzi’s “Rounded Shawl” knitted on size 35 circular needles with just 1 ball.  If you go to the rounded shawl is on the left center (in Alp Oriental) and Alp Oriental is the shawl on the right center.

Gena's Triangle Shawl-Oriental

Gena's Triangle Shawl-Oriental

Maile in Nancy's Vertical Coat

Maile in Nancy's Cropped ShrugHere is Maile in Nancy's beautiful cropped shrug - this is the Alp Oriental made with 1 ball in the One of a Kind Colors. Nancy (Feza's Designer) has promised me this pattern soon! This is pretty wild but there are many more color ranges that aren't so wild. I am doing my Rounded Shawl in Color #7 which has a camel background with other colors popping out - much calmer.It's not easy getting these pictures in here. Criss is much better at this. I'll keep trying!Gena's Oriental Sideways

Working this program is such a maze!  Anyway, please come into the shop to touch and feel!  I think you’ll like!  Coming up next – my finished “Rounded Shawl”.  Stay tuned.  Gena