New Fashion Designs from Yarn Designers Boutique

I’ve had the honour again to participate in the Chamber of Commerce’s annual charity fashion show, this time I unveiled four new designs, MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet and Rich Red Linen Sweater, Feza’s Lime Boho Vest, and Louisa Harding’s Bohemian Sweater. Our glamorous models this year were Katy Strand and Pat Holt.
MaggiKnits Charcoal Shawl
MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet
You won’t be bored knitting our MaggiKnits Charcoal Tweed Capelet with its own matching removable Tartan Cowl.  The red and white accents add crisp definition to a fun knitting pattern.   The main yarn is Maggi’s Irish Tweed wool which is really fast to knit up and very warm.  The shoulders are nicely shaped and this kit comes in several sizes with its own custom made matching buttons included.  Katie has paired this elegant capelet with a readymade grey knit dress and tall boots.  This project is a regularly stocked kit at Yarn Designers Boutique and was knit by Gena Hester.  Maggie has done it again combining a sense of knitting history with a touch of class!

MaggiKnits Rich Red Linen SweaterMaggiKnits Rich Red Linen Sweater
As the Fall chill moves in, you can stay warm with MaggiKnits rich red linen sweater.   Designed by Irish Knitwear Designer Maggie Jackson and knitted by Gena Hester, the tapered front and back compliment every figure. With this lightweight yarn, you can actually wear it on any chilly morning or evening all year long, especially in Big Bear with our cool overnights.  Pat teams our sweater with black knit slacks and tall boots.  The classy tassels are tied on to a purl stitch that is knit into the entire pattern.  With drop shoulders there is very little shaping to this pattern – even an advanced beginner will enjoy knitting this sweater.   The removable collar-scarf can be worn many different ways.  Surprisingly this sweater is machine washable 100% Irish linen and just drip dry!   Dress it down for daytime or up for the evening!   Choose one of MaggiKnits many linen colors from Yarn Designers Boutique in Big Bear City.  If you have problems with any pattern just drop into one of our twice weekly free help sessions.

Feza Lime Boho Vest
The Feza Lime Boho Vest is a fun topping for classic black – dressy or casual.  Feza yarns come from Turkey and are well known for their bright cheery colors and textured thick and thin strands.  Each hank is made from 8 to 10 yarns which have been hand tied together by the women of Turkey every 15 to 18 yards.  This vest was hand knit and designed by Gena Hester who added 2 more complementary yarns throughout as well as the lattice ties on the sides and front closures of the vest for added detail.  The fun ruffled matching scarf dresses up this look.  Since the yarn does all the work, the knitting is very easy to do.  Notice the special way it is constructed along the back neckline – the vest is really only 2 rectangular pieces mysteriously sewn together to create the interesting back neckline.
The perfect complement to our lime vest is our lime cabled a-line skirt designed by Laura Zukaite and knitted by Gena Hester.  Made from Lion Brand 100% organic cotton, this skirt is warm and flatters the figure perfectly with flare shaping.  Many knit skirts can hug the body in the wrong places – but not this one – perfect shaping!  Most of that shaping is provided just by changing needle sizes – it’s a miracle in itself!  Stop by Yarn Designers Boutique to choose your favorite organic cotton color and we’ll help you customize your pattern to fit your figure!
Louisa Harding Romantic Bohemian Sweater
Bohemian ruffles and gathers introduce this fun Fall colored outfit.  The two-tone orange and brown sweater is a Louisa Harding English design and knit by Gena Hester.   The yarn is also Louisa’s “Jasmine” – a cotton blend with just a tiny bit of sparkle to grab your eye.   The ruffles and sleeve shaping add such a detailed romantic touch.  Louisa loves details and even publishes books about how details can make or break a knitwear project.  When Gena found this skirt in her daughter’s clothing toss outs, she knew it was perfect for this developing sweater at the time – what a great combination with your favorite boots!  Yarn Designers Boutique is a store whose purpose is to inspire today’s knit and crochet enthusiasts.  We are located in Bear City on the Boulevard, just across from the airport.  Drop by to see us soon – you’ll be glad you did!

This was the fifth year Yarn Designers Boutique has participated in the Chamber Auxiliary’s annual charity Fashion Show.  Again we enjoyed ourselves so much.  Thank you Katy Strand and Pat Holt for your wonderful and gracious modeling and Lisa Movius for hair and makeup styling.  We’re a great team!  I look forward to next Fall’s show and am already planning my outfits!


MaggiKnits Weekend Fantastic Success

Well, it’s been a week since our Maggiknits Retreat and Fashion Show, and we have just finished recovering. Below are some images of the fashion show and classes. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, try on designer garments, and get our creative juices flowing. We’ve been so inspired that we’ve even added to our MaggiKnits selection in store and will be starting a new Exclusive MaggiKnits Club, where you’ll get first dibs on all our new Maggie stock – both a full selection of open stock yarns and kits.  Please keep in mind these are all action pictures and believe me there was a lot of action going on with over 30 people wanting in on all the Maggie action!  Really yummy food too!

IMG_3949 IMG_3960 IMG_3970 IMG_3976 IMG_3980 IMG_3988 IMG_4014 IMG_4027 IMG_4029 IMG_4042 IMG_4043 IMG_4051 IMG_4052 IMG_4097 IMG_4108 IMG_4112 IMG_4118 IMG_4128 IMG_4135

Fashion Friday!

onetassleI can’t believe the Fashion Show is NEXT FRIDAY! We are so busy getting everything ready, I’m particularly excited that we decided to go for a dessert theme. It was a tough job sampling all those desserts, but Criss and I managed to struggle through.

We only have a few spaces left for the Friday evening and time’s-a-ticking. I do still have a block of seats for locals – are you going to join us? You can now get the tickets online, or buy them in store and save $$$. Don’t forget this is a one time only event, so be there or be square.

Here’s a special message from Maggie:

Hi to my soon to be “knitting family” in Big Bear !!!

Looking forward to some craic with you as they say in Ireland (fun…nothing to do with drugs)!!!

I am still in Ireland with my family but will be back in time to travel to CA for our wonderful and inspiring weekend.

The Fashion show with over 40 garments will, I hope, start your exciting weekend on Fri. You will be able to try on the samples afterwards and I can help you choose colors and styles for your height and size.

I’ll see you there and don’t forget to wear your MaggiKnit as I love to see them finished. There might be a special prize from me!!!

Thank you for joining myself and Yarn Designers Boutique for a weekend in which I hope you will leave with lots of inspiration and an insight into MaggiKnits designs.

Kindest regards




I’m so excited! Today all the kits, books and yarns arrived that will be for sale on Friday night and over the weekend at the workshop. Last week Maggie’s latest samples arrived and it was all we could do not to peak! Just think, we get to see all her latest designs and even try them on!

So grab a knitting friend or two and join us – we’ll find more chairs somewhere – you don’t want to miss out!

Get more information

Purchase Tickets!


You can purchase your tickets online or drop by Yarn Designers Boutique in Big Bear City to pick them up. You don’t want to miss one of Maggie’s few West Coast engagements!


Gena Hester
Yarn Designers Boutique LLC

Want to do some modeling? FREE dessert on offer!

Models Needed for our High Fashion Knitwear Show!

Announcing our MaggiKnits Fashion Show – Sponsored by Yarn Designers Boutique in Big Bear City


Volunteer Models Needed for Friday evening, June 20th, to arrive at 5:45 pm – show will be completed at approximately 7:30pm – enjoy refreshments afterwards on us. Tickets for your friends and family are available at Yarn Designers Boutique for $15.


You will be modeling 6 – 8 over-garments (sweaters and shawls) so they will be easy on and off. Maggie Jackson, our designer, will be choosing garments (over 40 that she is showing) – with the purpose of flattering you! If you are interested, please fill out the following form and get it back to me by June 18th.

Hair coloring:
Dress Size*:
*larger is just fine, but taller we really need!

Once Maggie has your information on Friday morning, and picks your outfits, she will be depending on you so this is an important commitment but should be fun for you as well!


The Fashion Show is happening at the Mary Johnson Center, 40946 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake. This building is part of the Community Church by the Lake property and faces the street, but the entrance is on the inside of the property. The Fashion Show starts around 6 – 6:15 pm so it’s important that you arrive and identify yourself as a model by 5:45 pm. The show will be very informal and Maggie will be directing you completely.


You are welcome to enjoy desert after the show and mingle with the attendees.

Gena, Maggi, and Jan

Gena, Maggi, and Jan


You will be wearing your own clothes under every garment so the following things are important:


Black trousers or jeans or denim skirt, white shirt with collar, and light and dark shoes/sandals.


ALSO IMPORTANT: wear light colored underwear on top and bottom so they don’t show through our natural linens.


If you would like to model but don’t have some of these items, let me know and we will help you out.


If you have a friend who might be interested, please pass this on and I hope to hear from you soon!



Gena Hester, Yarn Designers Boutique, Cell 909 261 9185

Special Gift for Guests to the Maggiknits Workshops

Special Gift for Guests to the Maggiknits Workshops

Today we’ve been working on our super special gifts that all of our attendees to the Maggiknits workshop in Big Bear Lake will receive. Here’s a sneak peek at one of our designs. Can you guess what it will be? Here’s a hint, you can use it for all your knitting and crochet projects!

Large Bagsneak

For more information and to register, visit our website at

MaggiKnits Fashion Show New Date!

MaggiKnits california retreat

The New Date

We are sorry that we didn’t have enough people for our retreat this coming weekend. The good news is we have a new date for early Summer 2014 – the weekend of June 20th-22nd. I hope those of you who are interested will save this date to join us! This way you have plenty of time to plan and you can reserve your place with a $50 refundable deposit.

Reserve your place online

 The Location

We have reserved the Mary Johnson Center (40946 Big Bear Blvd) in Big Bear Lake for the weekend
which is a very special place. Mary Johnson was a devoted artist and quilter who passed away a few years ago. Her artwork and quilts grace the walls with a description for each. The Center gives us plenty of room for the Friday Night Fashion Show as well as plenty of room for our workshops and displays that Maggie is bringing with her. Don’t miss this really fun and entertaining knitting weekend!

What if I’m a ‘Flatlander’?

Many of us who live in or frequent Big Bear know of its beauty and relaxing, fun filled atmosphere. If you and your knitting friends would like to attend our MaggiKnits Weekend Extravaganza, think about staying at the Pine Knot Guest Ranch where the wonderful owners, Larbie and Gloria, have their own llamas and bunnies nearby for you to visit! Or think about renting a cabin for a bunch of you. There are specials on lodging during the Fall. Here are some activities you could also think about while you’re here.

If flying you will want to fly in to Ontario Airport, rent a car and make your way up to Big Bear which is about 1 ½ hours away. We planned our retreat in June so that you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather and maybe even go out on the lake.

MaggiKnits Weekend Retreat: Last Chance!

MaggiKnits Retreat

We are now going for the finish line on our weekend with Maggie Jackson! If you are planning to join us, you really need to register NOW so that we can make our final plans to make this a wonderful weekend for you and your knitting friends! You can even call me anytime on my cell phone (909) 261-9185 with any questions regarding registration, lodging problems, Big Bear questions – whatever. Let’s get you registered so you don’t miss out as classroom space is limited! I hope to hear from you soon and have a great Labor Day Weekend! PS I will be working Friday through Monday so don’t hesitate to call!